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    Fuel Units Pricing Units BTU/(unit)      
    Energy Btu $/Btu                                                     1      
    Energy MMBtu $/MMBtu                                    1,000,000      
    Energy dekatherm $/dekatherm                                    1,000,000      
    Natural Gas scf $/scf                                            1,024      
    LNG LNG gal $/LNG gal                                          82,644      
    LNG metric ton LNG $/t LNG                                  51,900,000      
    Diesel Diesel gal $/Diesel gal                                        139,000      
    Distillate fuel oil Distillate gal $/Distillate gal                                        137,405      
    Residual fuel oil Residual gal $/Residual gal                                        149,690      
    Propane Propane gal $/Propane gal                                          91,600      
    *Source - EIA Annual Energy Review 2011; Prometheus Energy Internal Analysis      
    **This tool is for representative purposes only.         
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