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Energy Solutions

Mining Sector

Prometheus Energy helps mine haul and remote power operations move from high-cost crude oil products to a clean, lower-cost and domestic liquefied natural gas (LNG) alternative.

Mining Sector

Prometheus Energy helps mining facilities with their LNG fuel needs by converting mining trucks, power shovels, and other processing equipment.

Mining operations consume extreme quantities of fuel to mining trucks, power shovels, haul fleets, boilers, roasters, heaters, kilns and other processing equipment. In addition, mining operations are typical in remote locations, with limited fuel options beyond crude-derived products. Prometheus Energy has been helping mining companies save money with custom built LNG fueling solutions since 2010. Our custom built LNG fuel solutions allow mining operators to displace high cost diesel consumption with lower cost LNG and further enjoy the environmental benefits of a lower emissions profile.

The energy demands of mining are varied. The boilers, dryers, ovens, autoclaves and roasters that produce process heat all demand energy. The stationary engines, turbines and boilers used in power generation all need to be fueled. The giant mine-haul trucks that ferry raw materials around are also energy hungry. Whether used for process heat, power generation or as a vehicle fuel, natural gas provides a route to major bottom-line cost reductions and significant emissions reductions.


The net result? A reduced environmental footprint and a stronger bottom line for mining operations.

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