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Prometheus Energy is committed to attain the highest standards of health, safety and environmental in all aspects of its business.

A Safer Solution

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has a proven track record of safety

LNG has been used as fuel for decades. Safe storage, safe transportation and safe usage are the mandated requirements for any fuel, and LNG has continues to demonstrate a long track record of safety in all three areas.

Similar to other liquid fuels such as diesel and propane, LNG can be transported by rail, barge, or ship. For industrial customers, however, it is generally delivered by truck. Once delivered onsite, LNG is again stored in insulated tanks until it is converted back to a gaseous state prior to use. In liquid form, natural gas is not flammable. If it spills or leaks the LNG quickly vaporizes and dissipates into the atmosphere.

Although LNG in gaseous form is potentially flammable, its concentration in the air must be between 5% to 15% by volume for it to be combustible. For combustion to occur there must also be an ignition source hotter than 1000° F. Gasoline and diesel, in contrast, can combust from ignition sources that are hundreds of degrees lower in temperature and can be potentially flammable in concentrations in the air of up to 60%.

LNG offers an improved environmental footprint

Natural gas is a much cleaner-burning fuel as compared to diesel, propane and heating oil, and LNG also provides significant dramatic reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and smog-causing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Unlike crude oil and crude-derived liquid fuels, LNG spills require no remediation of soil, groundwater or surface waters if spilled because it evaporates immediately and dissipates quickly into the atmosphere. In addition, LNG is produced from domestic natural gas rather than imported crude oil. By helping to reduce the number of crude-filled tankers plying the oceans, switching to LNG helps reduce the risk of oil-spills to the marine environment.

It starts with safety

We aim to achieve the highest safety standards in everything that we do. Prometheus Energy is committed to the highest standard of health, safety and the environment across our operations.

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