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Advantages of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

One of the benefits that Prometheus Energy provides is reducing the price and cost of fuel that is currently being used to a cleaner and more affordable LNG alternative.

Benefits of LNGPrice Benefits of LNG

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is now a highly affordable and dependable energy source. Utilizing LNG will bring substantial economic savings and environmental benefits to your facility. Prometheus Energy is a pioneer in the industrial LNG market: we have developed first-of-their-kind conversions of industrial fuel consumers to LNG in numerous sectors. We provide a clean-burning, less expensive and safe alternative to crude oil products.

Prometheus Energy helps energy consumers reduce their fuel costs by moving from high cost crude oil-based fuels to a low cost, secure and socially responsible LNG alternative. LNG is the least corrosive fuel, which creates the opportunity for companies to drive down their operating costs by reducing downtime, maintenance costs, man power and spills.

The increase in the supply of natural gas brought about by technical innovation in the production of gas from shale deposits has reduced costs, stabilized prices in the market and helped to position LNG as one of the least expensive transportable fuels. Natural gas is a clean and efficient source of energy and an important part of success in numerous sectors. As energy costs continue to go up there is an inevitable movement to find alternative fuels. Our knowledge enables us to produce LNG from resources that have been previously unfeasible. We can provide fuel close to the end user at well below the cost of gasoline and diesel. We see this as the beginning of a sustainable energy network.

Environmental Benefits of LNG

Compared to diesel, typical emissions savings associated with natural gas are:

Political and Regulatory Environment

In the United States, the case for natural gas is further enhanced by the supportive political and regulatory environment, which focuses on clean energy as a lever for energy independence. This has allowed natural gas to take center stage as the abundant, domestic fuel of choice in the US.

Prometheus works to connect our partners to the natural gas energy network, helping to drive US industry with US energy.